Photography Tips.

The Perfect Photograph

Snapping that perfect photograph of your pet is crucial for good portrait results.

It’s not always that easy (unless your pet is a performing monkey) but if you follow the list of photography do’s and don’ts below you shouldn’t go far wrong.

The photos of Cooper and Dave are great examples of how it’s done.

The Do’s & Don’ts

Shoot in daylight

Photographing in natural daylight means the camera will pick up all the colours properly.

Use a flash

Using a flash to photograph in the dark will distort the colours and make for an unnatural looking portrait.

Photograph level

Adjusting your position so that you are level with your pet will mean their body will be nicely in proportion in the photo.

Shoot downwards

Taking a photo while overlooking your pet with distort the perspective and leave their body looking out of proportion.

Use a good camera

Use a camera which is at least 4 mega-pixel – smart phones are ideal.

Photo an old photo

Taking a photo of an old photograph won’t provide the level of detail required.

Pet portrait photography example



Shooting tips

Dog portrait photography example


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